Steam Cleaner | Easy solution to refrigerator cleaning problems

After opening the door of your refrigerator, will there be a pungent smell in the eyes? Is your refrigerator noisier than before? This neglects to clean the refrigerator brings problems! The refrigerator is one of the most important heat-relieving appliances in the hot summer. It stores all the favorite foods. However, due to the high humidity in the refrigerator, cross-contamination is prone to occur. The food is stored for too long and it is easy to parasitize the bacterial community, so how should we deal with it? What about cleaning the refrigerator?

The traditional cleaning method can only wipe the surface of the refrigerator, and the deep-level bacterial residues cannot be thoroughly cleaned. Doing a good job of cleaning can prolong the service life of the refrigerator and reduce waste of resources. Still struggling to clean your refrigerator? The Karcher SC5D multifunctional steam cleaner can easily solve all the above problems.

One-click sterilization "no trouble" 

The smell of the refrigerator means that your refrigerator has become a paradise for cold-resistant microorganisms. If you still see the soup of dried leftovers, the blood of thawed meat, or the residue of food on the shelf, then your refrigerator is likely to be To become a breeding ground for countless bacteria, traditional cleaning methods are difficult to solve the retention of microorganisms, and often do ineffective cleaning. The high-temperature sterilization effect of Karcher SC5D multi-function steam cleaner at 164 °C, the effective sterilization rate is as high as 99.999%, which really solves the trouble of sterilization and makes bacteria nowhere to hide.

Rubber seal "deep clean" 

For the difficult-to-clean refrigerator rubber sealing ring, the Karcher SC5D multifunctional steam cleaner is equipped with a special cleaning brush, and the high temperature of 164 °C released at the same time can effectively decompose the deep dirt, and the special cleaning brush can easily remove the residual dirt under the action of high temperature decomposition. , truly clean in the crevices and solve the problem of refrigerator cleaning.

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