Dry ice cleaning technology revealed

In addition to the landscape or the atmosphere on the stage, dry ice is a powerful cleaning material. As a recognized new cleaning technology that is safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and universal, dry ice cleaning uses compressed air to blo
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Hot and cold water high pressure cleaning

There are basically three types of pollution on building walls, moss and algae. These natural dirt are very stubborn. With the help of the original powerful nozzle, the moss and algae stains on the exterior wall of the building can be quickly and eff
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Fabric cleaning machine | One-step cleaning method for carpet and sofa

Although it has entered August, the high humidity and hot weather is still on the rise, and bacteria continue to spread and breed in corners that have no time to take care of, which invisibly increases the difficulty of cleaning. In the face of summe
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Steam Cleaner | Easy solution to refrigerator cleaning problems

After opening the door of your refrigerator, will there be a pungent smell in the eyes? Is your refrigerator noisier than before? This neglects to clean the refrigerator brings problems! The refrigerator is one of the most important heat-re
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